Joomla Sh404SEF Extension

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Joomla Sh404SEF Extension

Joomla 4 notice

After more than 15 years of duty, sh404SEF won't be ported to Joomla 4. To move to Joomla 4, please consider our newer extensions, released over the last couple years, including 4SEF to maintain your site SEF URLs (see *Related extensions* on this page or visit our website) and 4SEO for metadata.
sh404SEF is discontinued from August 17, 2023 - same as Joomla 3 end of support. Please update to 4SEF and 4SEO to maintain your URLs and metadata.

We created sh404SEF® for Joomla with SEO in mind. sh404sef helps you improve your search engine rankings and get more traffic to your website. Satisfy many of the Google recommendations for search engine optimization with just a few clicks.
sh404sef also includes many security features.

sh404SEF® is the most popular and longest developed Joomla seo extension. We are dedicated, full-time Joomla professionals who work each and every day to bring you the very best extensions and prompt support. Our staff have over 20 years of combined experience with Joomla (and Mambo) and we maintain some of the longest, continually developed Joomla add-ons available.

Brand new documentation set, including "Getting started" as well as other specialized short videos.

* sh404SEF rewrites Joomla URL to user-friendly format (SEF URL or URL rewriting):
becomes but it does in a way that prevent Joomla standard SEF duplicate content issues.

* Important: from version 4.17, we automatically add robots meta tag required for full visibility in Google search results.

* NEW: Support for Google Analytics version 4
* NEW: Full Turkish translation
* NEW: insert a QRCode anywhere, on any page
* NEW: Redesigned Google Analytics reports, can now also display on frontend without having to log-in
* NEW: block requests based on simple rules
* NEW: Redirect mutiple URLs together, no more using .htaccess
* NEW: Add canonical tags to mutiple URLs in one go
* NEW: URL shortener can now shorten any URL, not just of current site
* NEW: extended Structured data support: social profiles, corporate contacts, logos
* Connector with wbAMP, our Accelerated Mobile Pages for Joomla plugin
* Automatic redirect of 404s errors to most similar page
* Google Sitename, Google breadcrumb and Google sitelinks search JSON+LD markup
* Using oAuth2 for Analytics authorization
* Twitter Cards support
* Google Analytics Universal support
* Google Tags manager support
* all output through JLayout, easily override in template
* Create and insert Open Graph data: quickly and easily add social media buttons to your entire site to allow sharing on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin and Pinterest.
* Integrated Google Analytics reports display
* Automatically generate tiny URLs (shURLs) for your content
* Full urls and bulk meta data management
* Multi-lingual support
* Easily redirect 404s to suggested SEF URLS
* Instantly add global support for canonical URLs (add rel="canonical" HTTP headers)
* Removes automatically duplicate URLs, a common problem with Joomla websites
* Create human ear and search engine friendly (SEF) URLs
* Control URL re-write mode on a per-application basis
* Support for Google News URL format
* Easily customize the page title and page description with bulk updater
* Create customized error pages (i.e. 404) with relevant links, suggest best match pages
* Harden against cross-site scripting attacks (XSS)
* Harden against malicious page requests
* Limit flooding attacks
* Protect input forms such as the contact page from spam (using Project Honey Pot)
* Control site access from suspicious domains (using IP address whitelisting and blacklisting)

We Support many third-party SEF plugins via the standard Joomla installer.
Components we support natively include: VirtueMart, K2, FlexiContent, Kunena, Jomsocial, Community Builder and more.

How to install Joomla Sh404SEF Extension

You can install Joomla Sh404SEF Extension via Joomla Installer.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Download the Joomla Sh404SEF Extension package from the official website.
  2. Login to your Joomla website's administrator dashboard.
  3. Go to the "Extensions" tab and select "Manage" from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click on the "Upload Package File" tab and select the Joomla Sh404SEF Extension package that you downloaded.
  5. Click the "Upload & Install" button to install the extension.
  6. You will see a confirmation message when the installation is complete.

That's it! You can now use Joomla Sh404SEF Extension on your Joomla website.

Joomla Sh404SEF Language Files

Is Joomla Sh404SEF not available in your language?

We understand that not all extensions come equipped with language files, which can make it difficult for non-English speakers to fully utilize them. That's where our Language File Creation service comes in.

Great news!

ExtensionPlazza has now introduced a new feature to help Joomla users worldwide:

With our Joomla Extension Translation Tool, you no longer have to worry about language barriers preventing you from using the Joomla extensions you need. Our tool allows you to easily translate Joomla Sh404SEF Language Files to any language you require, making it easier than ever before to use Joomla extensions in your preferred language.

Joomla Sh404SEF Extension Customization

Do you need Joomla Sh404SEF to do more than what it currently offers? Our expert team can help you extend or customize Joomla Sh404SEF to meet your specific needs and requirements.

At ExtensionPlazza, we specialize in Joomla extension development and customization, and we are committed to providing exceptional services to our clients. We have extensive experience working with Joomla and related technologies, and we can help you create a solution that is tailored to your unique business requirements.

Whether you need a

  • custom integration,
  • additional features,
  • or a complete overhaul of the extension
we are here to help. We will work closely with you to understand your needs and requirements and develop a solution that exceeds your expectations.

Contact us today to learn more about our extension customization and extension development services, and how we can help you take your project to the next level.

You can reach us through the following channels:

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Extension Specifications

Current Version
Created on
27 May 2007
Last updated on
27 July 2023
Joomla 3
Extension Type
Free or Premium
Premium Joomla Extension
Listed in
Joomla SEF Extensions
Developed by
Yannick Gaultier


Joomla Sh404SEF,
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