Joomla PWA Progressive Web App Extension

Joomla PWA Extension is the Best Joomla Progressive Web App plugin for your Joomla website. Joomla 5, Joomla 4 and Joomla 3 compatible, Super easy to use, fully functional, well-documented in admin panel, notes and descriptions for every part and parameter, user-friendly back-end design for easy setup!

Joomla PWA Progressive Web App Extension
Joomla PWA Extension is the Best Joomla Progressive Web App plugin for your Joomla website. Joomla 5, Joomla 4 and Joomla 3 compatible, Super easy to use, fully functional, well-documented in admin panel, notes and descriptions for every part and parameter, user-friendly back-end design for easy setup!

Are you looking to take your Joomla website to the next level?

With our Progressive Web App Plugin for Joomla, you can effortlessly transform your website into a Progressive Web Application (PWA) in just a few simple steps.

Experience the speed, reliability, and advanced features that come with our tested PWA solution.

Latest Update

- The latest update was made on 8th May 2024
- Current version is 3.1.3
- New feature : Share Target Plugin together with a compoentn for testing and developing file and text handling

Why Choose for Your Joomla Website?

- Easy Setup with a Well-Designed Backend and Explained Setting Parameters
The PWA Extension is designed for all levels of Joomla users. Plugin offers a user-friendly backend interface that is designed to make the setup process easy for all Joomla users. Each setting parameter is explained, ensuring a seamless configuration process.
- Multilingual Support
Currently, it is translated in to 18 Lanugages
- Joomla 5, Joomla 4 and Joomla 3 Compatibility
Our PWA plugin offers 100% compatibility with Joomla 5, ensuring a seamless integration with the latest Joomla version.
- Unmatched Functionality:
Our PWA Extension offers unmatched functionality, ensuring that your website operates seamlessly as a Progressive Web Application (PWA)
- Compatible with Sub-domains and Sub-folders::
Our PWA Extension is built to seamlessly operate on both sub-domains and sub-folders. This means you can easily create multiple apps for different sections of your website!
- Unique Features
Discover exclusive features that set our PWA plugin apart from others in the Joomla Extension Directory. It's the preferred choice for hundreds of Joomla users.

Some of Unique Features are :
Share Target : Iintegrate share target functionality into your Progressive Web App (PWA) and become readily available in users' share options.
Modifiable Service Worker Script / File (Can be modified and recreated via the plugin's admin panel)
Add custom css, javascript call outs by plugin admin panel
Pure JS
Minify Manifest File
Minify JS Files / Service Worker File
Show or Hide Install Prompt via Cookie Setup
App categorization
App Automated Identification
App Vist / Install Analytics
Compatible with Sub-domains and Sub-folders
Richer PWA User Inteface for Installations
IOS Advanced Notifications Plugin
Prompt Cookie - Alternatively, you can show just a mobile icon instead prompt bar.

- Continuous Updates
We actively listen to user feedback and incorporate it into our updates to enhance performance and user experience.
- User Guide and Video
Installation and setup video available in the User Guide section.
- Furthermore,
our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering, as we guarantee that our extension works perfectly with your Joomla installation.

If any issues arise, our dedicated developers will promptly address them.

- Trust to transform your Joomla website into a high-performing PWA and experience the future of web technology.
- Satisfaction Guaranteed
Our extension is guaranteed to work and comes at the best prices. If it doesn't function on your Joomla installation, contact us, and our developer will ensure it works. If it still doesn't meet your expectations, request a refund, and we'll process it the same day.

All in One Solution for Joomla

Comprehensive Set of Extensions,
At, we provide a complete solution that goes beyond a standard PWA plugin. You'll receive everything required to seamlessly transform your website into a fully functional Progressive Web App.

PWA Ultimate Package Includes

- Progressive Web App ( PWA ) Plugin ( The main Extension )
- Push Notifications Plugin ( Engage visitors and users by sending Notifications )
- Pull to Refresh plugin ( a must for an App-like experience )
- PWA Analytics Component and Plugin ( For device analytics )
- Richer PWA UI Installaion Plugin ( Elevate User Experience with Enhanced PWA UI Installation )
- IOS Advanced Notifications Plugin.- ( Boost App installations on iOS devices by providing advanced notifications to users, guiding them through the installation process effortlessly. )
Additionally, we are in the process of development, with plans to release in 2Q of 2024:
- PWA Messaging Component and Plugin
- Custom Splashscreens Plugin

App Icon Generator

- App icon generator avaiable at website. Do not spend time to create app icon.
- Upload - Click - Ready!

Key Features:

✔️ Multilingual Support:
Joomla PWA Extension supports 18 languages, making it accessible to a global audience. Language files are automatically installed.
Added new translations Starting from version 3.0.1 in Chinese, Japanese, Slovak, and Ukrainian languages.
If your preferred language isn't on the list, simply reach out to us after purchase.

✔️ Pure JavaScript:
Starting from version 3.0.1, our plugin is written in pure JavaScript, with the option to minify, guaranteeing lightning-fast performance for your website as a Progressive Web App (PWA).

✔️ Minify JavaScript::
You can easily enable to minify the pwa scripts including the service worker file.

✔️ Minify Manifest.XML File:
You can easily minify manifest file as well by selecting minify manifest option.

✔️ PWA Cookie on the first visit:
Plugin sets a cookie at first visit of a device which is using PWA. You can use it for several purposes.

✔️ Splashscreen, Prompt Message Customization:
Enhanced customization, including splashscreen background, toolbar, prompt messages, close button customization

✔️ Richer PWA UI Installaion with App screensot and custom messages:
The enhanced UI installation provides visually engaging prompts and graphics, enticing users to install the Progressive Web App (PWA) onto their devices. Elevate User Experience with Enhanced PWA UI Installation

✔️ Button Cookie for Prompt Message:
You can configure a button cookie to hide the prompt message and display only an icon at the bottom of the webpage, ensuring a less intrusive experience for your visitors.

✔️ Enable debug console:
Just set yes to view how your app is working, from cache to user actions.

✔️ Recreate service worker file:
You can remove it and recreate again easily via plugin admin panel.

✔️ Add custom code to service worker file:
Do you need to add something to Service Worker File, you can do it via plugin admin panel.

✔️ Disable cache for selected menu items/pages:
If you do not want some pages are cached, just select and exclude them! That is great for performance.

✔️ Push Notifications:
Easily add push notification provider IDs and get the push notifications plugin with standard or pro packages.

✔️ Pull to Refresh:
Add the pull to refresh feature to your app within minutes.

✔️ Custom Prompts for IOS and Android:
Customize add to homescreen prompt messages for both iOS and Android devices.

✔️ IOS Advanced Notifications Plugin:
Boost App installations on iOS devices by providing advanced notifications to users, guiding them through the installation process effortlessly.

✔️ Custom Start Page with UTM Tracking:
Set custom start pages with UTM query strings to view app users in analytics.

✔️ Cache Enable:
Allow visitors to re-visit your site and browse previously visited pages offline.

✔️ Super Fast Loading:
PWA Cache makes your site load faster.

✔️ Customizable Offline Indicator:
Display an offline indicator when visitors are offline.

✔️ IOS/Apple Touch Icons and Splash Screen:
Set Apple application icons and splash screens as Apple Touch Icons.

✔️ App Icons in Minutes:
Create app icons quickly with our app icon creator tool.

✔️ Custom Pre-loaders:
Choose from 7 different pre-loader themes to enhance the user experience.

✔️ App Shortcuts:
Create direct links for sections with icons for quick access.

✔️ Custom CSS and JS Callouts:
Easily customize your design with custom CSS and JS without opening core extension files.

✔️App Automated Identification
New feature with version 3.0.5.
You do not need to spent any effort for identification of you app. Plugin makes it automatically! Assigning a unique ID to a PWA in the manifest.json file is essential for its proper identification, scope definition, installation management, push notification targeting, analytics tracking, and future development. It ensures that the PWA functions as intended and provides a seamless user experience.

✔️ App Categorization
New Feature with version 3.0.5
You can select multiple categories for your app. Defining app categories is a valuable practice for improving the discoverability, contextualization, organization, and recommendation of your PWA.
It provides a clear signal to users about what your app is about and helps you reach the right audience.

✔️ PWA Extension is in 18 languages:

Language Files are ready, and the plugin admin area is in English.
Jazykové soubory jsou připraveny, a správa pluginu je v češtině.
Sprogfiler er klar, og plugin-administrationsområdet er på dansk.
Sprachdateien sind bereit, und der Plugin-Verwaltungsbereich ist auf Deutsch.
Τα αρχεία γλώσσας είναι έτοιμα, και η περιοχή διαχείρισης του προσθέτου είναι στα ελληνικά.
Les fichiers de langue sont prêts, et la zone d'administration du plugin est en français.
I file di lingua sono pronti, e l'area di amministrazione del plugin è in italiano.
Taalbestanden zijn gereed, en het plugin-beheergebied is in het Nederlands.
Pliki językowe są gotowe, a obszar administrowania wtyczki jest po polsku.
Os arquivos de idioma estão prontos, e a área de administração do plugin está em português.
Файлы языка готовы, и область администрирования плагина на русском.
Jazykové súbory sú pripravené a oblasť správy pluginu je v slovenčine.
Los archivos de idioma están listos, y el área de administración del complemento está en español.
Språkfiler är redo, och plugin-administrationsområdet är på svenska.
Dil Dosyaları hazır ve eklenti yönetim alanı Türkçe.
Файли мови готові, і область адміністрування плагіна українською.

Language files will be installed automatically.
If your language is not in the list send us a message after purchase.

How to install Joomla PWA Progressive Web App Extension

You can install Joomla PWA Progressive Web App Extension via Joomla Installer.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Download the Joomla PWA Progressive Web App Extension package from the official website.
  2. Login to your Joomla website's administrator dashboard.
  3. Go to the "Extensions" tab and select "Manage" from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click on the "Upload Package File" tab and select the Joomla PWA Progressive Web App Extension package that you downloaded.
  5. Click the "Upload & Install" button to install the extension.
  6. You will see a confirmation message when the installation is complete.

That's it! You can now use Joomla PWA Progressive Web App Extension on your Joomla website.

Joomla PWA Progressive Web App Language Files

Is Joomla PWA Progressive Web App not available in your language?

We understand that not all extensions come equipped with language files, which can make it difficult for non-English speakers to fully utilize them. That's where our Language File Creation service comes in.

Great news!

ExtensionPlazza has now introduced a new feature to help Joomla users worldwide:

With our Joomla Extension Translation Tool, you no longer have to worry about language barriers preventing you from using the Joomla extensions you need. Our tool allows you to easily translate Joomla PWA Progressive Web App Language Files to any language you require, making it easier than ever before to use Joomla extensions in your preferred language.

Joomla PWA Progressive Web App Extension Customization

Do you need Joomla PWA Progressive Web App to do more than what it currently offers? Our expert team can help you extend or customize Joomla PWA Progressive Web App to meet your specific needs and requirements.

At ExtensionPlazza, we specialize in Joomla extension development and customization, and we are committed to providing exceptional services to our clients. We have extensive experience working with Joomla and related technologies, and we can help you create a solution that is tailored to your unique business requirements.

Whether you need a

  • custom integration,
  • additional features,
  • or a complete overhaul of the extension
we are here to help. We will work closely with you to understand your needs and requirements and develop a solution that exceeds your expectations.

Contact us today to learn more about our extension customization and extension development services, and how we can help you take your project to the next level.

You can reach us through the following channels:

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Extension Specifications

Current Version
Created on
14 February 2021
Last updated on
09 May 2024
Joomla 3,Joomla 4,50
Extension Type
Free or Premium
Premium Joomla Extension
Listed in
Joomla Mobile Apps Extensions
Developed by | Developer Daniel Leuchmann


Joomla PWA Progressive Web App,
Joomla 3,Joomla 4,50 Compatible Joomla PWA Progressive Web App is reviewed
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